Crazy Lace Agate four-strand bracelet with toggle clasp.  Sterling silver.
$265.00 SOLD but ask me to make a similar one

Crazy Lace Agate bracelet
Crazy Lace Agate bracelet. Full view.
Agate and Red Jasper four-strand bracelet, accented with Chinese enameled beads. Sterling silver.    $265.00
SOLD but ask me to make a similar one. 
Check back for new designs!
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Textured bracelet in sterling silver and 14k gold tube rivets.
Birch cuff.  $185.00
Textured sterling ID tag with a window of copper or gold-filled metal. Leather available in peacock blue, tan, or gray suede and in russet leather.  Shown in peacock blue suede and russet leather.
ID Bracelets for him or her.  $70.00 
Birch ID swing top bangle.  $60.00.
Birch oval swing top bangle.  $64.00. 
Mirrored Tree Cuff.  $110.00.
Swing top bangles with assorted suedes and leathers.  $62.00.
Special item available at shows and in studio.
Textured brass round and brass bangles .  $32.00.
Special item available at shows and in studio.
Mod Dandelion Bracelet. Textured bronze and Sterling silver.  $45.00  
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