Tanawah Trail necklace.
Tanawah Trail necklace. Sterling silver, copper and blue-green turquoise. Also available in jade or red jasper.
Pakistani Onyx with Red Japser double strand necklace; sterling silver. SOLD but you can have a similar style made for you.
Pakistan Onyx w/Red Jasper necklace. SOLD $330.00
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Pink Beds necklace. $155.00
Brass Birch Pendant. On sterling silver chain with sterling silver accents.
Brass Birch Pendant.
Tree Half Necklace. 14k gold-filled pendant with sterling silver accents; 14k gold-filled chain.
Tree Half Necklace.
Cherry Blossom Petal Necklace. Hand-cut, textured brass on sterling silver chain.
Cherry Blossom Petal Necklace.              $70.00
Brass Bark Oval Necklace. Textured thick-gauge brass treated with a heat patina. $45.00
Riveted Brass Bark Necklace. Textured thick-gauge brass treated with a heat patina; sterling silver accents. $55.00
Balance Necklace. Hand forged brass with a subtle texture; sterling silver bail and chain. Available in aquamarine and garnet (pictured). 
Riveted Brass Bark Necklace.               
Balance Necklace.                $75.00
Woodcarving No. 1 Necklace  
Watermelon Tourmaline Bulb
Watermelon Tourmaline Bulb Necklace   $98.00
Ruby Bulb  Necklace  
Sterling and Bronzc Leaf Texture Necklace
Sterling and Bronze Leaf  Necklace                 $85.00  
Triple Bark  Necklace  
Birch Necklace.
Sterling silver with 14k gold rivets.
Clarity Necklace.
Double-strand Wood Grain necklace.                          $105.00
Double-strand Wood Grain Necklace. Hand-engraved pendants; sterling silver. $90.00
Clarity Necklace.   $95.00
Mod Dandelion Necklace.    
Miro Pod Necklace.
Textured and handcut sterling silver backed with red wood. $125.
Woodcarving Round Necklace.
Spring Flora Necklace, sterling silver and copper on 17" sterling chain
Spring Flora Necklace.
Mokume Half Moon Necklace, mokume gane in sterling and copper on sterling chain.
Brass Bark Oval Necklace   $48.00
Half Moon Necklace . $172.00
Inspired by silhouettes of the traditional Filipino balangay boat. Sterling silver and gray freshwater pearl. 18in chain
Balangay Sterling Neck.   $105.00
Triple Balangay Bronze Neck.
Inspired by silhouettes of Filipino embroidered fans. Sterling silver.
Sterling Abaniko Bibb.
Inspired by silhouettes of Filipino embroidered fans. Sterling silver accents with mokume. 18in
Abaniko Collar.
Mokume Chime.