About Us
My work is inspired by the graceful quality of nature, paying close attention to the patterns and structures it contains. These aspects combined with clean lines, texture and mixed metals framed in modern simplicity create intricate yet subtle designs. All pieces are entirely by hand, from first sketch through final craftsmanship. 

I use traditional metalsmithing techniques including piercing (sawing) all cutouts by hand, forming, forging, hard soldering, textural hammering, and riveting. Various metals are combined in order to enhance organic qualities and natural appearance. In a sense my jewelry is meant to ground and connect the wearer to nature and the environment.   

I have been designing and making jewelry for 15 years. Having an education in Cultural Anthropology and Art History and work experience documenting folk artists and cultural traditions in Mississippi and Louisiana, I knew it was fate that brought me an offer of an extensive apprenticeship with master jeweler Diannah Beauregard. Combining this invaluable experience with years of self-teaching, experimentation, and workshops, I have furthered my knowledge of working with silver and gold, and refined my craftsmanship. My studio is located in Asheville’s River Arts District.

Christie Calaycay lives in Asheville, North Carolina.  Her work is currently available in the River Arts District, New Elements Gallery, and The Jeweler's Workbench.