The Equilibrium Collection  is inspired by the ancient Five ElementsTheory. Wood, fire, earth, metal, and water are believed to be the basic substances of everything in the universe and form a balance, while being in constant movement and cyclical change. Each element is brought to a physical translation in metal, observing and honoring natural, creative changes. 
Which element speaks to you? 


Stacked Maple. Birdseye maple is set against rustic bronze and backed with sterling silver. 
Mitred Joints. Strong angles and textured sterling silver with mitred joints contrast a delicate opal set in 14k gold.  

Kindled. Heavy texture on sterling silver is accentuated by a heat patina and accented with golden citrine.


Earth to Tina. Textured, dome shapes in  sterling silver are accented with green jade, a gemstone which signifies the element of Earth. Earrings$130  Necklace$155

Inner Core. Strong, simple lines of sterling highlight an inner core of striated mokume in sterling & copper.


Mokume Bowls. 
The traditional Japanese technique of "Mokume Gane" in sterling silver & copper creates a wood grain like pattern showcased throughout the hand-formed vessels in this group.

Bronze Stacking Bowls. Textured pieces of bronze formed into bowls create a statement piece on a sterling neck ring. 
Earrings     $165.00

Necklace              $145.00
Necklace                       $215.00

Earrings     $148.00

Neck Plate           $230.00

Earrings     $145.00

Necklace              $130.00

Earrings     $155.00

Necklace                       $130.00

Earrings     $142.00

Necklace              $155.00

Earrings     $140.00

Necklace                         $192.00

Earrings     $130.00

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